Trailer Handling
Sometimes it is necessary to tow trailers of equipment in off road conditions, outside of the normal operating parameters of the vehicle or trailer.Low traction, poor surface conditions and traversing slopes with a trailer all require a differing set of skills to towing on the road.

This course is ideal for those who need to tow equipment on work sites or farms behind 4x4s and the various types of ATVs.

Courses cover, Coupling/uncoupling and loading your trailer, pre use checks, understanding weight limitations, off road trailer towing techniques, braking exercises and limitation of braking systems in offroad environments.

We can provide training either at a venue of your choosing (subject to meeting suitable criteria) or at one of our pre-selected training venues throughout the UK- please contact us for further details.

Vehicles and the environment

Central to all of the training and offroad activities we provide is a responsible approach to off road vehicle operating, minimising environmental damage and nuisance to others. We endeavour to work to the principles laid down by treadlightly! For off road vehicle use, these can be found here: