Skid Steer ATV

Skid steer ATVs are the only choice for many upland workers owing to their superb maneuverability, low ground pressure and semi-amphibious capabilities.

Skid Steer ATVs (either wheeled or tracked) are extremely versatile but also present unique challenges for operators, who without proper training and build up of experience may find themself in a dangerous situation leading to an accident.

Unlike some training schemes the LANTRA Skid steer course is tailored specifically for skid steer ATV users and is certificated as a stand-alone discipline of machine operation.

Our courses meet all the requirements under PUWER for the operation of skid steer ATVs and are recognised by the HSE, HSA and HSENI.

Courses cover Health and Safety, physical attributes of Skid Steer ATVs, safe use of controls and driver aids, vehicle checks and preparation, loading, assessment of terrain and operating techniques.